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Season 3 of the new DOCTOR WHO is stronger at the start than previous seasons.  The Christmas special (THE RUNAWAY BRIDE) and the third season proper (airing on BBC ONE in the UK right now) comes to Sci-Fi Channel in July.

THE RUNAWAY BRIDE is fun and yet it doesn't match up against the two following episodes, SMITH AND JONES and THE SHAKESPEARE CODE.  I think Russell T. Davies has aimed a couple of moments at the kids too much (like The Doctor driving the TARDIS through freeway traffic to catch up to a taxi).    Do I hope that Catherine Tate returns for an episode in the future?  yes.  I just wasn't too impressed with the story and yet it was a fun hour.   The spider queen was too much for the kids.  One of the crappiest baddies in Who history ever.  I hope the next Christmas special doesn't take place around December 25th or even feature robot Santas.

Now Martha Jones is a spectacular new companion for The 10th Doctor.  She has brains and takes things in stride.  In addition to things, she doesn't wnat to date the good old Doctor.   Smith and the hospital stay is a good reference to the opening 3rd Doctor story, SPEARHEAD FROM SPACE (when will Davies quit going back to that story for ideas?!).  The rhino alien policemen are a neat idea, but I wish a certain other alien with the same armor and helmets (the Sontarans) would have showed.  A hospital teleported to the moon is a neat twist, but what the doctor does to get the alien the rhinos are after is just the icing on the cake.

Now THE SHAKESPEARE CODE is a fun stiory with alien witches and Shakespeare.  The chemistry between Martha and the Doctor continues to gel.  I can't wait to see their future interactions.  Daleks in New York and flying cars and all that jazz next time.

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