TV Review: DOCTOR WHO Season 2 Part 2

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DOCTOR WHO Season 2 Part 2

TV Show Review by David Blackwell

RISE OF THE CYBERMEN (Part 1) is the first TV story to send The Doctor to an alternate Earth since INFERNO (from the Third Doctor's run in 1970) and I'm not counting the alternate universe jaunts in the comics or novels. The Cybermen are slowly revealed. Love the way technology is different. Zeppelins! Rose is the name of a dog in this universe. smirk. The TARDIS almost without power. I liked they included no previews for part two. It should be the norm for all two parters.

AGE OF STEEL (Part 2) features a nice resolution of the cliffhanger ending. The only question that has me nagging what happened to the Cybermen that didn't go mad at the end of this story. Expect this storyline to be revisited for the season finale. In the end, it is fine effort to bring back the Cybermen for their 40th birthday (nicely alluded to by the age of Rose's mum.

THE IDIOT'S LANTERN is one of the best DOCTOR WHO episodes. It is a much better effort than THE UNQUIET DEAD from the same writer. This episode features something like a "Reverse the Polarity of the Neutron Flow" moment. The episode plays on the fears of watching TV and racism in one form (when people lose their faces). I'm sorry that the reference to Logopolis wasn't left in.

THE IMPOSSIBLE PLANET (Part 1) is the best episode so far this season. The cards are stacked against The Doctor and rose as trouble keeps building like any good two part (or four parts for Classic Who) until the cliffhanger that leaves you wanting more. The music score of this episode is the my favorite of the new series. Of course, it is nice to see a story that takes place totally off Earth and provide a kinda of horror atmosphere that hasn't been seen since the days of the 4th Doctor.

The second season is building steam and I can't wait to see how the next five turn out. See my review of those episodes in a few weeks. Until then, hop into your TARDIS and travel the vortex.  The UK is enjoying one hell of a show.

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