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movie review by David Blackwell

84 minutes, PG-13

WRITTEN by Drew Goddard
DIRECTED by Matt Reeves

STUDIO: Paramount Pictures/ Bad Robot Productions
Theatrical RELEASE DATE: 1-18-2008

CLOVERFIELD is unnerving. It's jarring. It's a jolt in the arm. CLOVERFIELD is a clever take on the big monster movie genre via Godzilla meets the Blair Witch Project. It follows a group of friend's who are videotaping at a one friend's going away party. The guy is going away to Japan for a Vice President gig for some company. Then all crap hits the fan as something wrecks havoc on New York City. The video camera keeps running as the smalll group of friends witness a giant monster attacking the city and the military's attempts to stop it. Then you have little monsters they meet along the way to save the one guy's so-called girlfriend.

CLOVERFIELD whacks you over the head with it's suspense, sometimes shakey camera, moments of genuine terror, and more. CLOVERFIELED could have been longer and it does make you wonder how it all ends when the start of the film says the following videotape was recovered by the U.S. government military. So it is the Department Of Defense reviewing what happened. The CGI is decent. The acting isn't bad and the film keeps you glued to it when everything starts happening. The Cloverfield music overturre during the end credits is a great piece of film music. CLOVERFIELD is the second clever take on monster movies in recent years (the first being last year's THE HOST from South Korea). Yep, this film will make tons of money. It lives up to the hype unlike The Blair Witch Project. See it now!

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