TV show review: BURN NOTICE

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The series deals with CIA spy Michael Weston (Jeffrey Donovan) who get s a burn notice put out of him. He is taken out of the CIA. He doesn't have any of his resources (money or contacts). He is tossed into Miami. He helps those with nowhere else to turn. Also he wants to find out who set him up and put the burn notice out on him. He has only two friends he can turn to: Fiona (his ex-girlfriend formally of the IRA played by Gabrielle Anwar) and his washed up military intelligence buddy Sam (Bruce Campbell).

Michael doesn't like Miami. He hates the climate and being around his mom (Sharon Gless). He can't wait to get out of that city and lose his FBI tail. BURN NOTICE IS like THE EQUALIZER except with more humor. The casting burns brightly and it makes me miss Jeffrey's former series, TOUCING EVIL (too bad USA cancelled it). I hope BURN NOTICE isn't a one season show and it doesn't end up cancelled. I wonder how the show will turn out. Will it just be a justice for the little guy or will it take time to have episodes focusing on Michael's burn notice front and center (and his former life as a spy)?

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