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movie review by David Blackwell

113 minutes, PG-13

SCREENPLAY by Neil Gaiman and Roger Avary
DIRECTED by Roger Zemeckis

STUDIO: Paramount/ Warner Bros./ ImageMovers/ Shangri-La Entertainment
Theatrical RELEASE DATE: 11-16-2007

BEOWULF is amazing. The CGI sometimes is almost photo realistic. Angelina Jolie is very recognizable even as CGI female demon who seduces a king and then later a hero (or two). On the downside, it does skirt around character development in favor of moving the plot forward. The action is fast and furious when it needs to be and the ending is perfect. It is based on the famous 10th century poem about the hero Beowulf (who is very flawed) sent to a Danish kingdom to kill the monster Grendel. Neil Gaiman has written many fine comics and novels, but I wonder if something got lost on the way to his and Roger Avary's screenplay as it was turned into a CGI animated film.

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