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movie review by David Blackwell


movie length: 95 minutes

written by Hans Bauer, Jim Cash, Michael Miner, and Ed Neumeier to name a few

directed by Dwight H. Little

starring Johnny Messner (Bill Johnson), KaDee Strickland (Sam Rogers), Matthew Mardsen, Karl Yune (Tran), Morris Chestnut, Salli Richardson

PLOT: a group of scientists go to the jungles of Borneo to retrieve the infamous Blood Orchid to make a life extension drug, but they run into trouble with many giant Anacondas.

ANALYSIS:    "It will be bigger than Viagra."

ANACONDAS: THE HUNT FOR THE BLOOD ORCHID is a sequel that is better than the original. It is a more enjoyable experience. The characters are likeable, the bad dialogue is made workable by the actors, the anacondas are only seen when needed while they wisely only show parts of them in other parts to push up the tension and terror, and there is even some humor in this movie. I was worried the sequel would suck since there would be scenery chewing by someone like John Voight, but I think casting lesser known actors works for this film. I thought ANACONDA was OK, but I think the sequel is better in many ways. Too bad the anacondas didn't eat the monkey.

A group of scientists hire a captain willing to take them into the jungles of Borneo (during the rainy season) to take some Blood Orchids because the growing season for the flowers is over in two weeks and they won't bloom for another seven years!   As soon as they take the trip down the river, you know something will go wrong and it sure does and that is one of the other factors that makes this sequel work so well.   We even have the types of characters like the fearless Captain who wants to make the money, the British sounding scientist who wants to be rich no matter what and sees the Blood Orchid as his big ticket, the ex-lover from the Southern USA that is an assistant, the black exec who wants to save his company, the young annoying black guy, the jock, and the executive chick with a stick up her ass.   ANACONDAS even provides a little sexual tension including a love triangle between Sam and the two guys who are attracted to her like the Captain and her ex-boyfriend.  Still I wished the Anacondas ate the Captain's annoying pet monkey.  General critics might not like it, but this is more of a summer popcorn movie to be enjoyed by the audience.

KaDee Strickland is definitely an actress on the rise (she can next be seen in the upcoming horror movie, THE GRUDGE starring Sarah Michelle Gellar, Bill Pullman, and Jason Behr). I enjoyed her performance the most in this movie, but I also liked the characters played by Karl Yune and Johnny Messner. ANACONDAS is a well-directed movie that helps carry the mood of the movie whether our characters are in danger or we have a humorous moment. If you pay attention, one of the black characters make a reference to what happened in the first movie (and the black guy in question is the stereotypical black guy who is scared of everything and pretends to be Mr. Know-it-all.

ANACONDAS is an an enjoyable sequel to a B movie. This summer sequel will do well on DVD.

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Go to http://romanticmovies.about.com/od/thegrudge/a/grudgeks071904.htm  for an interview with KaDee Strickland as she talks about Anacondas and The Grudge.  

THE GRUDGE comes out this October from Columbia.