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Many DVDs hit the shelf in 2007. The following list is based on the DVDs I reviewed (over 120). I will change the format for this type of article next year. Also the hi-def DVD format war may be nearing an end with Blu-Ray taking more studio support comapred to HD-DVD. Also expect many great DVDs to come out in 2008. A few from 2007 I haven't reviewed that could have made the list just didn't due to time. Without further words, here is the top 11 choices for 2007 for regular DVDs.

1. BLADE RUNNER (5 Disc Limited Edition)

The special edition DVD treatment for my favorite film of all time was long overdue. The five disc (or four disc) is the way to go with an extensive set of extras from multiple versions of the film, 45 minutes of delted scenes, audio commentaries, and plenty of behind-the-scenes material. DVD Producer Charles de Laurizika has outdone himself and topped the DVD production job he did for the 2006 DVD release of the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN Director's Cut.

2. HOT FUZZ Collector's Edition

This action satire from the crators of SHAUN OF THE DEAD had a quick upgrade to an impressive three disc release. Those who skipped on the one disc will be proud with the 3 disc CE.


This made for DVD release includes an extended version of the webisodes (some are part of the extended cut while some aren't). I hope they do more made for DVD movies for BATTLESTAR GALACTICA.

4. CHARLIE CHAN Volume 3

20th Century Fox has outdone themselves this time with adding more extras to this Chan set compared to the first two in addition to the usual great featruettes and surviving original trailers. This time they throw in a reconstructed version of a lost Charlie Chan film and audio commentaries.

5. SERENITY Collector's Edition

Universal's other impressive CE upgrade belongs to the two disc CE of SERENITY that adds another audio commentary, more cut scenes, and new featurettes in a very attractive box.

6. JERICHO season 1

Catch up on this great series before season two starts on 2-12-2008 on CBS.

7. ALIEN NATION Ultimate Movie Collection

The extras on this set are impressive compared to the small amount of extras for the TV series set. This Best Buy exclusive will go wide on April 15th to other retail outlets.


David Lynch nails it with over 75 minutes of deleted scenes and a behind-the-scenes look at INLAND EMPIRE.

9. ROBOCOP 20th Anniversary CE


This film may not have many extras on the DVD, but it is the best film Tartan released to DVD in 2007.


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