2005 TV Shows In Review

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article by David Blackwell

1. BATTLESTAR GALACTICA- This re-imagining of the fan favorite is an intense character drama that leaves the original in the dust. It is dirty and gritty with twists and stories that have you coming back for next week's episode. The second season has returned with the last 10 episodes and season 3 will start in the summer.

2. LOST- Again another show that has character drama and twists (and mysteries) that keep on coming.

3. 24- The fourth season was a return to form after the bumpy start the third season had. The ending makes you wonder how they will bring Jack Bauer into the plot for Day 5 which launches with a four hour premiere over two nights at the middle of this month.

4. MI-5/SPOOKS Season 4- It hasn't aired in the USA yet, but the fourth season is full of intrigue, politics, and a look at the dark side of the world we live in as MI-5 protects the United Kingdom from threats outside and within.

5. WAKING THE DEAD Season 5- It may not be as good as the previous seasons, but WAKING THE DEAD is still one of the best cop shows on the air.

6. GHOST IN THE SHELL: STAND ALONE COMPLEX- Complex and intelligent sci-fi action drama (animated series) is one of the best written half hours airing on TV. Currently the second season is airing on Saturday nights on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim.

7. EYES- This funny and quirky private security drama didn't last long on ABC, but it has left an impression in my mind. ABC should have returned EYES to the schedule and aired the unaired installments. The best series to star Tim Daly so far.

HONORABALE MENITION: DOCTOR WHO (2005)- The Doctor, the Time Lord with two hearts, is back with clever writing and a great effects budget. The big problem plaguing the first season of this new series are the bad guys. The series starts picking up steam with the seventh episode with actor Simon Pegg playing a classic type Doctor Who baddie and then the introduction of Captain Jack a couple of episodes later sets it all up for the slam bang finale with the return of the Doctor's most famous foe.

DEAD SHOW GRAVEYARD- EYES, TRU CALLING, POINT PLEASANT, and WONDERFALLS descended to this area as so many other shows each year.

TV TO DVD TRENDS- Cancelled shows are making it big with their appearances on DVD. Whether it is the second season of DEAD LIKE ME or the complete series of WONDERFALLS (or POINT PLEASANT) with unaired episodes, it is a way to enjoy the shows you love over and over again even though they won't be returning with another season.

DISAPPOINTMENTS OF 2005- After a great first season, the second season of STARGATE ATLANTIS doesn't match up to what came before. TRU CALLING'S second season was better than it's first and only six episodes were made before FOX cancelled it for POINT PLEASANT (which also got cancelled). When FOX started airing the short second season of TRU CALLING, they didn't air the final produced episode. Also THE DEAD ZONE is now largely a miss after the fourth season's new direction didn't hold my attention due to the episodes not holding a candle to the previous seasons. Even the new season of HOUSE doesn't stand up to the great first season. It almost made me want to put the show on the Miss It list.

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